Company profile

The company FINANCIAL PRISM L.T.D. was founded from:

Andonis Paparoidamis accredited certification from economic university of Athens
John Giakopoulos accredited certification from T.E.I. accountancy Piraeus.

The primary objective of the company is to offer full services of accounting , tax advice, economic strategy and consultations. We are Members of the Greek economic advisory board and the Greek syndicate of tax specialists.

Our Target market is individuals, free entrepreneurs, businessmen that are interested in the proper function of the business with whatever form and type he may have.

In FINANCIAL PRISM more than the services of accountancy, tax expertise, and economic advice;and having many years of proven experience, we are in a position with specialized associates experienced in other fields of business development, financial assistance, auditing, and government assistance to give answers to your specific problems, your goals and your strategy.

Our goal is to create a safe accounting and economic environment for your operation, therefore the business will develop smoothly. We give great importance on understanding our customer , his business involvement, the competing market, their business plans, strengths and weaknesses that occupy them day to day .Our basic strategy is to firstly assure the right course of development on their initial strategy and goals, and secondly , consulting for the best business and economic advice.

Our prime principle is the total respect of the confidentiality of the data of our customers.

We give special attention to our every customers needs thinking, the exclusive association , because his business success is ours as well. Since every customer is unique as well as his problems ,our obligation is to react instantly to his problems and give the best advice possible to solve the problems.

Full filling high quality services for our customer's satisfaction ,our fees are logical and follow market competitiveness and are based on individual needs of every operation.

Our philosophy is to recognize early the '' full picture '' of our customer's needs , from inception to the follow up and the strategic plan for creating the proper climate to increase the business value.

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